About Me


Adam Thorne is a coach, comedian, and podcaster who has identified a talent in helping men find their true potential in the world of dating.


Adam believes that a successful dating life is something anybody can accomplish. Conquering your fear, living a fulfilling life, and building confidence are some crucial factors toward achieving this and Adam is skilled at supporting development in all these areas.

Adam is not a pick up artist and does not teach manipulative techniques to sleep with women. Instead, he focuses on creating a connection, both with a dating partner and oneself, to improve success at forming thoughtful, caring relationships with them. A core tenet of this technique is always to explore whether each match is the right fit and, depending on the answer, to proceed with integrity.


In the past few years, Adam has become strongly aware of a desire to help others. Having become a confidant for many friends in the area of dating for the past two decades, he is excited to bring his experience and training to a broader audience.

“I believe that, no matter where a man starts on their journey to finding an amazing woman they can make significant improvements to their own dating successes. By using tried and tested tools you can avoid the dating pitfalls   and start attracting incredible women consistently. ”

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